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ZDOROVI agency is an agency for business development for medical institutions of any form of ownership for individual solutions developed based upon 18 years of expertise.

years in the market of services for the development of medical institutions

years of experience in management of medical companies

leading medical institutions have chosen us as a partner for the development

corporate and individual training programs

specialists with unique expertise in the medical services market

areas of professional assistance to development of medical institutions
We help our partners convert management efforts into financial results more efficiently
ZDOROVI agency — leadership of ideas, people and standards in medicine
Market and competitive environment
Market diagnostics, competitive saturation and sectoral / regional price monitoring.
Organizational structure
Analysis of the organizational structure, assessment of the competence and management skills of the top management team.
Sales and promotion
Evaluation of sales dynamics, forecast of sales, assessment of achievements in meeting actual indicators, monitoring growth barriers, measuring key success factors. Analysis of the service funnel of the export strategy for attracting foreign patients
Commercial development
Comprehensive audit and diagnostics of the internal state of the operating activities of a medical institution, economic sustainability and prospects for commercial development.
Service modernization
Consulting and proposals on the transformation of business processes and modernization of service processes to improve the efficiency of staff and doctors.
Marketing, pricing and positioning
Development of the concept of pricing and price list of services. Analysis of reputation and brand maturity, promotion; audit of marketing channels and tools, their budget and its effective use.
What do our partners get as a result of cooperation?
Comprehensive, in-depth audit of the achievement of business goals and barriers to growth.
Project plan for the necessary changes in the organization, ensuring the proper quality of improvements.
New image of global reputation of the clinic brand in the external environment.
Recommendations for revising the current marketing strategy for the purpose of attracting and retaining local and international clients. Suggestions for expanding and changing the portfolio of current services.
Recommendations for the compilation and management of current statistics, sales forecasts and sales funnels for effective management decisions.
In-depth diagnostics of the implemented changes and preparation of recommendations on the organizational structure and organizational changes at the clinic for subsequent steps to business expansion.
ZDOROVI agency: improving non-medical processes in medicine
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How we work
Ethics above all, as well as the rational use of resources: our own and partners'.
Our team has a wide range of experience that helps accompany a full cycle of transformations in a medical institution.
Exceptional experience in medicine has allowed us to develop unique methodologies and put test a large number of instruments in real life.
We have experience with a wide variety of clinics: multidisciplinary and with a high degree of specialization, public and private.
The precise specialization allows us to dive deeply into the particularities of solutions specifically for medicine and health care.
We do not just provide a service, we also share the knowledge and experience necessary to continue improvements after the joint project is over.
About our work
Stand out from the competition
Thanks to the renewed communication strategy and positioning, the interest in the clinic (ERR) has grown 10 times in the first month of the project, and the organic reach has doubled.
Adjust service responsiveness
As part of the interactive training, more than 5 service scenarios were devised and walked through, which were previously a cause for delays and customer dissatisfaction arose. The scripts were written after in-depth interviews with employees, which helped in targeting problematic areas.
Boost sales
Thanks to a detailed analysis of the highly competitive segment, it was possible to develop a sales plan and forecast for the clinic. The forecast came true with a deviation of only 2%. Moreover, in the process of cooperation, we helped the clinic establish workflow and data collection that will help them make forecasts of the clinic's future activities.
Retain and attract patients

For a clinic that was experiencing patient flow reduction, after conducting an audit, improving service, updating communication strategy and expanding its digital presence, we increased the number of leads by + 3K per month, formed 5 new popular package services, implemented 3 PR projects and found new service employees.
Ensure high quality of service
The innovative clinic suffered from an imbalance in the quality of medical care and service support. At the same time, it was difficult to determine where the root of the problem was. Thanks to the combination of services "secret patient", "secret employee", modernization of service processes, training and certification of employees, it was possible to find out and eliminate the problem.
Work with the premium segment
The premium segment clinic was losing its patients and sales dynamics. Since the target audience of such medical services is very demanding - we needede not just a WOW-effect, but a WOW-effect multiplied by 10 exclamation marks. Therefore we went beyond the standard procedure for improving the service. So, for example, the service book based on previous audit covered service standards not only for service employees, but also for security personnel, a restaurant staff and a medical workers.
Prepare for expansion
While preparing the clinic, a segment leader, for expansion, we conducted audits and developed strategies for key areas of activity: marketing, communications, service. In addition, we also helped the clinic open its in-house marketing department. Following the recommendations, the clinic's income grew by 46%, and the number of sales by 43%.
Research to improve
On the order of an international organization, we developed and implemented a project that included a study, a survey, a training program and the creation of a manual for public health institutions. In total, we visited 6 different locations around the country, covered 15 medical institutions, conducted 16 trainings and 45 in-depth interviews.
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